At the beginning of 1957 Guglielmo Testai in Fucecchio lays the foundation of a company that is becomed one of the most important tanneries worldwide. From the beginning the company stands out for the quality of its products and for the productive supply capacity, making it one of the largest in the district. This enables it to quickly move closer to foreign markets and to initiate collaborations with major European customers.

During the '60s the company expands the production facility, as well as to cope with the continuous increase in demand from foreign markets. At the end of the '70s it was built a completely new plant of over 10,000 square meters, equipped with all facilities and machines necessary to ensure important production volumes and high standards of quality. Thanks to this important investment Vecchia Toscana can count on a production complex of over 25,000 square meters. With the sudden death in 1991 of its founder Guglielmo Testai, the leadership of the company is assumed by his son Valerio Testai and under his leadership Vecchia Toscana manages to become a leading provider of the most renowned names of fashion world, ensuring quality products and continuous assistance in the development of unique and innovative materials.

Over the decades Vecchia Toscana was a reality that has always been able to seize market changes, adapting to new conditions and more and more challenging.